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It took me a while to reach out to an attorney because I had minimal knowledge and wasn’t sure I had enough assets to qualify for estate planning. Scott made the process very easy and explained things in terms I could understand and I now have peace of mind for my children should anything happen to me.

- CB

Our current wills and trusts were prepared 17 years ago in a different state. We definitely needed to update our estate plan. Scott was very approachable and was very good walking us through the whole process. He was patient and answered all our questions. Scott and his team are personable, smart, and responsive. It’s great to know that we have a trusted resource for assisting with all of our family’s estate planning needs as they arise.

- ES G

Scott was able to clearly relate our previous estate plan, developed in 2004, to today’s estate tax environment.  His estate-planning services have been well-tailored to our 2017 situation and we’re pleased with the updates. Scott and his team kept us well informed throughout the process.

- JM M

Scott is a pleasure to work with and very detailed in his work. The value that he brings to a relationship is genuine, educational, and thorough. I highly recommend Scott and his team as a great resource in the legal arena.

- LS

I first met Scott about 2 years ago at a client event that Scott attended. Turns out he was instrumental in the corporate formation and incorporation of my client! Scott came across genuine and professional right from a first handshake. Since then, Scott has become a client of mine at Cobb Technologies as my company provides office technology equipment for his law firm. I attended a presentation on business law Scott gave to the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce earlier this year to a large crowd. Scott was excellent. So easy to follow, made business law uncomplicated and engaging. His presentation skills were exemplary. Scott understands Wills, Trusts, Business formations and exit strategies. I recommend him to you!

- PL

Characteristics that make up a successful attorney include high integrity, knowledge and judgment, client service oriented and professional. Scott Golightly has demonstrated these characteristics to me over the years that I have worked with him. Scott is a true professional with a maniacal focus on customer service and legal expertise grounded in knowledge and sound judgment.

- BN

Scott Golightly is an excellent Estate attorney who spends a considerable amount of time working with each client to structure the best possible plan to meet their personal needs. He has the experience and knowledge to handle various situations and find the best possible solutions.

- AB

Scott is a great business team player; he enjoys getting to know new people in the community and finding ways to help them succeed. In particular, Scott has been unselfish with his time as he's spoken at several of our C&F Bank business events on legal issues.



I had the pleasure of meeting Scott about two years ago when he walked into C&F Bank looking for some information on accounts and since then he has not only become a valued customer but a great spokesperson for the bank, who is always willing to help anyway he can. While he was moving offices, Scott would come use our conference room for business meetings and during that time I saw how knowledgeable and genuine he was towards his clients which led to my family hiring him to sort out some things after my grandfather's passing. We were very pleased with every meeting and encounter with Scott and would recommend him to anyone.



Scott was knowledgeable & thorough during the entire process of writing our wills.


Scott was excellent to work with and made every effort to keep us informed so that we could make the best choices for our family and situation.


Mr. Golightly helped me greatly in structuring and planning my real estate business. He worked quickly, efficiently and ensured my filing was correct and that my Operating Agreement was strong. He researched questions I had and provided me with very thorough responses. I could tell from our first meeting that Mr. Golightly was very knowledgeable, however it's not his knowledge that I trust... it is his honesty. Thanks Scott!


It was before my wife's surgery and our wills needed updating.   We also needed a living will.  The law firm we had been using was dragging their feet.  We called the Golightly law firm.  We explained our problem. Three days before my wife's surgery we had a new will, general POA, medical POA and a living will.  It gave us peace of mind working with the professional Golighty staff.


I think you all have gone over and above - very grateful for all the help I have received -You guys are awesome!


Thank you very much Scott. I really appreciate your help during this very difficult time!


Thanks for everything you have done for my family. We are deeply appreciative.


Scott, thank you for all your help with this…we feel a huge sense of relief that this is finally done, and done right!..... I look forward to working with you in the future as we continually monitor our life stations that may require revisits to these documents.


My main concern about hiring an estate planning attorney was that we wouldn’t have any idea what we needed.  We found that there were many things about our planning we needed to take care of beyond our initial decision to file this paperwork.  Scott and his team knew all the right things to ask us to complete our planning.  We would absolutely recommend Golightly Mulligan and Morgan to everyone!

-L&V W

Scott is both professional and a good listener.... He made good suggestions so that you feel that you have a knowledgeable adviser.  Scott assisted in the creation of a LLC.  As part of that start up, he reviewed a contract for me, where I will be an independent contractor. This is my first venture into consulting and I needed to understand the pitfalls and how to create a functional legal entity.

Since this was all new territory, he was very specific about how to get set up, he identified the professional advisers I would need, what accounts to create and what processes to put in place. I appreciated that support and help. I feel confident that we have made a proper start.  He also advised me on estate planning. We have new documents in place and a sound basis for the estate.

Overall a very good experience. We accomplished both creating the LLC and making the revisions to the estate ...


Kellie, please know how grateful dad & I are for the knowledgeable and compassionate care that you, Scott and Charlotte provide. - KM

- KM

Working with your firm is always smooth and effortless, we all appreciate being your clients and look forward to seeing you in the future.

- KM

We had no idea that the amount of work that is left for those who survive you is daunting. Golightly  helped us create a great plan and we found peace in the fact that we will have everything organized in one place when the time comes. They were so easy to talk to. We’d absolutely recommend them.

- K&B D

Scott Golightly was great to work with. He and his team exceeded our expectations. We got everything taken care of in a reasonable time without feeling rushed.  We have peace of mind and confidence that what we have provided for our children and grandchildren a clear organized plan and that there will be no loose ends when the time comes.

- LS F

After a very difficult experience with losing my Father in Law very unexpectedly last year, my wife was named Executor of his estate. While at my Father in Law's home trying to help my wife settle his estate, I placed multiple calls to Scott to ask legal questions to ease our minds and Scott was the our savior. As a true friend,not only did he answer our question but spent considerable time pointing out suggestions that would end up making her job as Executor less stressful. The process is far from over but with Scott's guidance we are getting through it. This event prompted us to redo our Wills with Scott to make sure we don't leave our kids in the same kind of mess my wife is experiencing. If you have not looked at your Will in 10 years you really need to talk to Scott.

- CP

Scott assisted my wife and I with our estate planning needs after the birth of our 1st child. He has a great approach to making the estate planning process as simple or as complex as the client wants it. Smooth, efficient, and extremely professional. I would highly recommend him for whatever level of estate planning you may need.

- RB

Scott and I have had mutual clients over the years and I have always enjoyed working with him. He is a strong advocate for his clients and is very knowledgeable. I don't hesitate to recommend him to my clients who are in need of legal help in the areas of his expertise.

- PA

Scott practices with integrity and with exemplary customer service. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- SJ

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Scott personally and professionally over the past year. In that time, Scott's sincerity and genuine concern for his clients has shone through. Competent legal representation is absolutely imperative for small to mid-market business owners and I would not hesitate to recommend Scott to any of my clients. His professional knowledge, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail are beyond reproach.

- MM

When I think of a trusted advisor focused on clients first, I think of Scott Golightly. I highly recommend Scott for any of your legal needs. Scott is honest and forthcoming acting with care and urgency.


Scott is very personable and knowledgeable and helped us through the legal maze. We would highly recommend him.

-Guy and Dodie

Mr. Golightly was very professional, courteous, and responsive toward my wife and myself. He answered all of our questions in a way that we could understand without all the legal talk that is hard for the average citizen to understand. I am a former police officer and investigator and have worked with hundreds of attorneys. In my opinion Mr. Golightly was very knowledgeable and one of finest attorneys I have worked with.


I was in need of updating my estate planning documents and Scott was highly recommended. Scott is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. During our initial meeting, which was long and thorough, Scott answered all of the questions on my list, and while there were a couple of questions he was uncertain about, he researched the subject, and contacted me promptly with the answers. When our initial meeting was over, I left feeling very confident of my choice and I was not disappointed. I would highly recommend Scott.


While originally Scott helped my wife and I with our wills and trust arrangements, he now consults to me for contract issues and debt collection with great results for my business. Scott has been fantastic to work with and we highly recommend him to any friend or business associate with personal or corporate legal matters. He’s always professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with.


Just want to say that I really appreciate all that your office has done to get this action completed in a timely manner. Interactions with your staff has been not only very professional; but, also very personal and friendly. Again, thank you.


Thank you so much for speaking at the seminar. Everyone loved your presentation and your energy.


Thank you so much again for what you did for Larry and me.  We won’t forget your kindness and I hope it comes back around to you.


Thank you so much for your assistance with this.


Scott, Thank you so much for putting in this effort when you don't know me from Adam.  I have already placed phone calls based on the leads you have offered.  I will never be able to show you my appreciation.  You're obviously a good man or you wouldn't put forth the energy it takes to do what you're doing for someone who you don't know, only out of the goodness of your heart.  I believe that what you put out in this world comes back around so I know that your generosity will be rewarded one day.


I would highly recommend Scott Golightly as a lawyer for anyone needing legal documents. He was accessible …. Scott was punctual at each meeting and didn't make me feel that I was taking up too much of his time. He carefully explained all the legal terms to me and made sure that I knew exactly what everything meant. He made suggestions that helped me with the process of having a Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney drawn up. He was a good listener and very patient. …..He arranged his work schedule to suit my work schedule. It was a pleasure working with him and when it comes time to review my Will again, I will definitely call on him.


My wife and I very much enjoyed our experience with Golightly, Mulligan and Morgan, PLC, relative to our Estate Planning, Wills Preparation and Powers of Attorney documents.  Scott Golightly was gracious, thorough, quite knowledgeable and considerate of our time constraints.  Kellie Truslow was very helpful, conscientious, well organized and helped see the process through.  We would highly recommend this firm for Estate Planning and associated matters of advice and counsel.

- JJ

"Thank you all for your knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate care throughout this difficult time.  Please know how appreciated the whole team is!"

- K & B
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